Bonne et Belle

Tips and Guidelines

Tips for nature therapy

Consider the Florida sun, insects, humidity, and occasional rain showers.
We recommend the following to make your visit as safe and enjoyable as possible:

What to wear
What to bring

Visitor guidelines

Bonne et Belle is a nature sanctuary. While visiting, please respect all plants, animals, and other beings who live here and keep in mind the following guidelines:

Be Aware

Bonne et Belle is a diverse ecosystem. While you are here, you will be sharing space with all the beings who live here, including mosquitos, ticks, spiders, poisonous plants and snakes (both poisonous and non-poisonous).

Please keep yourself safe by being aware of your surroundings, where you step and what you touch.

Respect the Plants and Animals

Guests are not permitted to pick flowers or plants, unless invited to do so by your guide during a guided nature therapy walk.

Please do not feed or touch any animal, wild or domestic, unless invited to do so by your guide during an animal interaction experience. Food outside of the animals’ normal diets could make them sick.

Official Guide Dogs Only

For the safety of the animals who live here, dogs are not allowed, except for official guide dogs.

Do Not Swim or Fish

Guests are not permitted to swim or fish in water features.  However, during a guided nature therapy walk, you may be invited to wade in the creeks and ponds.

Stay on Paths

Please do not walk through flower beds or stray from designated paths.  If you are on a guided nature therapy walk, please follow the direction of your guide and stay in designated areas for your own safety.

Dispose of Trash

Please do not litter.  Carry out all trash or properly dispose of it in the White Barn.

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