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Creative Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

Anita Webster
Anita Webster

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. If you’re not sure what to give your friends and family, consider a beautiful experience or an activity that celebrates their interests.
This approach works especially well for nature lovers. After all, nature has bountiful opportunities for immersion and creativity. Nature-based gifts can draw upon the beauty of Planet Earth, support wilderness hobbies, or simply offer your loved one some much-needed time in the forest.
Here are some fun and eco-friendly gift ideas that celebrate your favorite nature lover’s interests!

Pollinator Presents

Pollinator species, such as birds, bees, and bats, are a vital part of our ecosystem. Plus, they’re fascinating and beautiful to observe in the backyard. Your loved one will appreciate baths, feeders, and homes for these creatures — and so will the pollinators!

Hummingbird house:

Hummingbirds prefer small, cozy nests made of natural materials such as raffia. That means a hummingbird house is ideal for both bird-lovers and eco-conscious folks! If your loved one is the crafty sort, you could also give them the material to make their own!

Butterfly puddler:

A butterfly puddler contains a small divot. You add water, sand, and salt to the reservoir. As the water evaporates, it leaves a mineral-rich puddle for butterflies to drink safely. You can purchase butterfly puddlers pre-made or, if you’re good with pottery, make your own.
And of course, birdbaths and feeders are always good choices. Include a shepherd’s hook so your loved one can hang the feeder wherever they’d like (and discourage thieving squirrels!)


Gift a bag of marbles or small river rocks along with the birdbath. Filling the basin with marbles or rocks gives thirsty bees a safe place to land.

Nature Journal

“Nature lover” is quite a broad term. What does your friend or family member enjoy doing? Are they an ambitious hiker or avid birdwatcher, or on a mission to collect as many cool stones as possible? (We totally feel that!)
No matter their favorite activity, journaling is a wonderful way to document their experience or track their progress. There are some pre-made nature journals, but why not give them a gift as unique as their interests?
You could print out star charts, local wildlife checklists, or hiking logs, then paste them into the journal, scrapbook-style. If your loved one prefers digital journaling, you can use a tool such as Notion to assemble templates for them.
Customize the journal to their interests (but leave plenty of blank pages!) It’s also fun to build the journal together. Quality time is always a great gift.


Include some looseleaf parchment paper and beeswax envelopes so your loved one can collect leaves or press blossoms into the journal.

This is the perfect gift to accompany a nature-based experience. Book a gourmet picnic or forest-bathing tour, then give your loved one their customized nature journal. (Psst — a gorgeous sunset experience or mindful nature walk is a wonderful gift in itself!)

Seasonal Wreath Kit

Since ancient times, wreaths have warmed homes and honored nature’s endless beauty. They’re part of a rich eco-spiritual tradition to this day. Your favorite nature lover may have never considered creating their own wreath. What better time to start than the winter holidays?
Your loved one can fully customize their wreaths to their tastes — and even incorporate the blossoms, dried sprigs and boughs, feathers, and other discoveries from their nature walk. While these materials won’t last forever, that makes a seasonal wreath even more special.

Get them started with a wreath kit:

  • a wire wreath frame, which can be purchased at a crafting store
  • floral wire or any thin wire for securing materials
  • an assortment of ribbons, lace, felt, burlap, and other textiles

You could also book a forest-bathing retreat or nature walk as part of the gift. Encourage them to gather pinecones, sprigs, and other goodies during the experience, then build the wreath together.


Hit up the Repurpose Project in Gainesville, Florida for secondhand ribbons, fabric, and other crafting materials.

Nature-Bathing Retreat


We believe that experiences are often the best gifts. Nothing compares to amazing memories with the people you love most. So, why not give them a restorative and entrancing nature-based experience?
It can be difficult to escape the daily hustle and spend time in nature. Make it a date:

  • Book a quiet retreat, whether for a few hours or an entire weekend.
  • Pack a picnic (or have one catered) with plenty of delectable treats. Nuts, fresh fruit and veggies, fancy cheeses, and smoked meats are always good options!
  • Assemble an outdoors kit with all the essentials: sunscreen, bug spray, water bottles, ponchos, etc.


Simply handling the logistics for your favorite nature lover is a gift in itself, especially if they’re a busy bee! They will deeply appreciate your help in setting up their wilderness excursion.

A Lovely Gift for Nature Lovers in Your Life

Most people give each other mass-produced plastic gadgets or other items that eventually break down. But memories of a lovely time spent in nature can last forever. Give your loved one something they’ll truly enjoy — an experience that shows how much you recognize and appreciate their hobbies and interests. And of course, time in nature is vital to our health, which is one of the best gifts you can offer.
Learn more about Bonne et Belle’s nature-based experiences, including sunset gourmet picnics, forest-bathing retreats, and mindful nature walks.

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Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. If you’re not sure what to give your friends and family, consider a beautiful experience or an activity that celebrates their interests. This approach works especially well for nature lovers. After all, nature has bountiful opportunities for immersion and creativity.
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